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Facing a shortage of qualified talent and increased competition from both local and remote employers, HR and recruiting professionals must expand their pool of potential candidates to a wider geographic area, adopt a stronger screening process, and improve the overall candidate experience.

However, this may cause HR and recruiting professionals to become overextended, creating breaks in the candidate experience and delays in filling high-priority jobs. This is why the right recruiting services partner is critical. With the promoters having 20 years of experience and expertise across the country, Excelsior Placement is prepared to help you find top talent, improve the hiring experience, shorten time to hire, match ideal candidates, and improve employee retention.

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At Excelsior Placement, our business model is intricately woven around the central needs of our discerning clientele, notably the concept of ‘Strategic Outsourcing.’ The foundation of our success lies in our unwavering commitment to addressing this critical requirement, wherein we assist our clients in attaining the cutting-edge in IT solutions.

Project Staffing

At Excelsior Placement, we specialize in offering a dedicated and skilled project management team, meticulously tailored to oversee every facet of your projects, right from their inception to successful completion. Our strength lies in our extensive and diverse resource pool, where we harbor seasoned professionals well-versed in a multitude of platforms, boasting deep exposure to a wide array of commercial applications, across various operating systems and database environments.

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